Indiana Title Searching Services, Inc. was founded in 1994 as an answer to the increasing demand for reliable and affordable abstracting and title searching services.  The goal was to develop a company of skilled and experienced abstractors to provide the highest quality product with consistency in an efficient time.  This idea has positioned Indiana Title Searching Services among the top abstracting companies in Indiana while maintaining a professional work force second to none.  The strongest asset of our company is a professionally managed staff with the average associate employed by Indiana Title Searching Services for over ten years.

We currently provide service to forty-four counties in central Indiana maintaining excellent turn time.  Our associates have a developed understanding of each county and their unique computer and indexing systems of current and historical documents.  Our central office ensures the most efficient work production.  Once our search packages are complete, they are then imaged and archived in our server, which opens the opportunity to then email or fax the completed package providing a higher quality image to the customer than traditional faxing alone.

The volume of work processed allows Indiana Title Searching Services to provide the most trustworthy abstracting and title searching reports at the most competitive price.  When choosing a service provider for your real estate searching needs, it is important to understand that many companies attempt to provide low cost services by hiring unskilled associates, providing minimal ongoing training and carrying low levels of errors and omissions insurance.  It is our pledge to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and quality products for all our current and future clients.

Give us a call at (317) 736-0920 or email at info@indianatitlesearchservices.com for a complete price list detailing our coverage area and products we offer.  References are available upon request.  We look forward to the opportunity of showing you the level of excellence and professionalism our clients deserve.